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CHICAGO, IL — Sharlene is a senior designer at Morningstar, Inc. where she's redesigning the retail website for individual investors. She's also the programming director for the Chicago chapter of AIGA. You'll also find her regularly volunteering and mentoring younglings through programs like Girls Do Hack or in various schools throughout Chicago.

What's my story?

It’s the empathic needs of usability, the matter of human factors, the ever-evolving technology that drives today’s industry, the social aspect built of fickle variables, and countless other challenges  built into our discipline that wakes me up every morning. 

I can create thoughtful branding campaigns, design easy to use apps, code simple sites in considerate ways, prototype quickly in a testable way, and lead research to get to crux of a user's problem or need. 

It’s not the magnitude of a client, a lofty title, or the lure of popular recognition; it’s about championing good work and tackling challenges big and small everyday. 

Good design is about solving problems and meaningful changes — that also look great.

Professional Things

Design Meets Tech

November 2014 // Chicago, IL

Organized "ON: Technology" (read event description), a panel discussion on current events in technology and how that affects designers.

Designer Debate Club — WMC Fest 5

august 2014 // cleveland, oh

What does it mean to "do what you love"? Designer Debate Club (watch video) makes a special appearance at WMC Fest pitting 6 panelists against the adage.

Table Talks - Data by Design

May 2013 // Chicago, il

Snowflakes and Avalanches (watch video) is a talk about how designing for big data leaves a designer the opportunity to effect larger groups of people.

Stemmings Blog - C.R.E.A.M.

march 2013 // www

A loose essay (read posting) about the importance and influence of money in the career of a designer — a complicated issue tackled with reasonable anecdotes.

Hacking Health - Grand Prize Winner

october 2012 // toronto, canada

Hacking Health is a healthcare-focused hackathon based out of Canada. Working with engineers, founders, and other designers, I was invited to help smaller teams. PocketLabs took grand prize (read more).

Prototype Camp - InDesign + Websites

August 2012 // Chicago, Il

A presentation (read listing) about best practices and how to use InDesign to design for websites, responsive, and in a developer-considerate way for visual designers.

Contact Information

Using the powers of Google Voice and filters, I'm protected by the worst of spam and robots, so please leave a message and you'll eventually get my actual contact info.

Phone: (313) 744-2182

Select Clients and Agencies*

Abbott Laboratories

Acquity Group

Advocate Hospitals

American Chartered Bank

Chicago Creative Partnership



Covidien Ltd.

Diet Strychnine


Hartford Design


Leo Burnett

MAC Cosmetics

Manifest Digital

Mindy's Hot Chocolate


Obagi Medical

RR Donnelley

Shire Human Genetic Therapies

T.26 Type Foundry

Ulta Beauty

Unigroup Worldwide

Upsher-Smith Laboratories


Due to the nature of NDAs and being happily employed, I won't be putting up my work anytime soon. For samples, contact me.

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