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A Quick Biography

I design on the weekends.

I'm the type of designer that can create a global branding campaign for a rare disease drug, design an app that solves what we think is a small problem but adds a significant improvement to our lives, code the front-end development of a site in a tidy and considerate way, and and ask some great questions to figure out a user is trying to do.

In my spare time, I spend too much money on White Sox games, relax by performing bicycle maintenance, enjoy the company of two rescue cats, prefer chocolate malts over other types of milk shakes, and consider My Cousin Vinny to be a fantastic movie.

I was born NYC, had my heart stolen by Chicago, and haven't looked back.

List of Select Work & Clients


A5 Group
Chicago Creative Partnership
Diet Strychnine
Hartford Design
Hoffman York
Manifest Digital
Marketing Support, Inc.


Advocate Hospitals
American Chartered Bank
Bally's Total Fitness
Coca Cola
Country Music Television
Field Museum

If you're curious, contact me for PDFs of my resume and portfolio. Over the past 7 years, I've worked for a variety of clients and agencies from corporate to boutique and from multi-million dollars in billings to shoestring budgets.

I'm currently workng on getting a lightbox of select work in order. Thanks for your patience.

My Areas of Expertise

What have I learned over the years?
Photoshop Illustrator Quark InDesign Fontlab HTML CSS CGI/PERL PHP Flash Omnigraffle Axure Pro Powerpoint Campaign Monitor Mail Chimp Adobe Premiere

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AOL Instant Messenger: typodactyl
Google Talk: tinytanknet
Skype: typodactyl

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Isn't it interesting that Playstation had a game in 2000 for Tiny Tank? Ok, that's not actually all that interesting.

Good People

Victoria Pater, creative extraordinaire
Nick Disabato, concerned designer

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Bright Bright Great, + + !
Distance, long essays re: design

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