Sharlene King is a designer in Chicago.

Monday through Friday, from 9 to 5.

She is happily employed as a senior designer for Morningstar where she just finished up working on the redesign of the consumer retail site, and will be working on the redesign of managed investments site. 

A quick background.

Born and raised in NYC, Sharlene moved to Chicago in 2001 to attend the School Art Institute of Chicago on full-scholarship and has worked as a bike messenger, day laborer, museum guard, underage bartender, and mens' suiting specialist. Her work is a result of growing up working class and owning a deep love for the modesty of the midwest, a passion for compassionate politics, and thoughtful sensibility for function before form

On the weekends, and in the evenings.

She volunteers often with Chicago Public Schools and the Adler Planetarium to bring education reform and introduce children and teenagers to careers in technology and design. Sometimes she calls this corruption.

She often finds herself doing things for AIGA Chicago and other professional organizations.

For fun.

Sharlene builds sick furniture from reclaimed and salvaged wood that she either buys from Rebuilding Exchange or pilfers from abandoned lots throughout Chicago. She is getting into custom commissions and selling pieces. 

She loves drawing bugs, plants, animals, and creepy things.

She has two cats and a dog who are all complete jerks, but terribly adorable. They cooperate and team up against her and she often worries that they're plotting to kill her because she isn't giving them all the cheese in the fridge.